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Our Story

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How we got here?

As millennials, we like surrounding ourselves with aesthetically appealing, yet functional objects and spaces. 

As designers, we work towards making creative and innovative products that people would love to use. 

And as environmentally-conscious individuals, we care about the impact the things we buy and use has on our planet. 


We replaced our plastic straws with steel alternatives. We replaced plastic carry bags with cloth bags. We replaced plastic containers with glass and copper options. We avoided the use of single-use plastics. But doing this is not enough. 

For we still have a lot of plastic- plastic that is perfectly good enough to be reused- that is still clogging our environment. 


As designers, we are constantly creating products out of mere sketches. We believe that this power comes with a lot of responsibility. The materials we use, where and how they are sourced, and their ecological impact are all factors that we wanted to take into consideration before we launched a product in the market. 

As the old proverb goes, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and we felt that reusing plastic that are often discarded to create products with utilitarian values and modern aesthetics would be a great place to start. 


And this is where the journey of Samsara began.

Meet the team


Pradyumna Rao


Mridhula Chandramohan


Vibhor Jain



Dwijesh Naveen

Business Development Executive



Dr. Fun



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